Hypersensitive Pack

Janesce Hypersensitive Pack

The following products are designed with sensitive skin in mind. They can be bought individually, or together as a value-pack.

A creamy, plant-based cleanser featuring rose and lavender.

A potent plant-based concentrate with a hydrating and soothing effect.

A multi-talented floral mist with a soothing effect for sensitive skin.

A soothing and balancing facial oil. Ideal as a gentle moisturiser for sensitive skin.

Soaking Cloth

A beautifully soft, cotton gauze cloth for soaking the skin.

Suitable For: sensitive skin.


Technically, sensitive skin refers to skin that is genetically less robust that other skin types, even when it is healthy. However, many people experience skin sensitivity as a result of a compromised skin barrier. The barrier is the skin’s natural protective layer. When this is weakened, irritants can get in and set up inflammation in the deeper layers of the skin. Valuable surface hydration is also lost. This can lead to dull, red, blemished, dehydrated skin. When the skin is in this condition, many Janesce products will be too active and stimulating for the skin.


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