Nourising Skin Reviver 40ml

Janesce Nourishing Skin Reviver

A very light hydrating lotion with a smooth silky texture  to gently soothe & nourish & hydrate the skin it is very rich in softening & revitalising herbs, does not contain oils. A true skin reviver.
The name Nourishing Skin Reviver comes from the fact that it is full of plant extracts making it highly nourishing for the skin. The word nourishing usually suggests a cream that is rich in oils making it more suitable for a dry skin but NSR is a lovely, surprisingly light lotion that nourishes through the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients it contains.
I always say it is like eating a great big salad for the skin!

It truly revives the skin, giving it a lift and renewed glow, especially if combined with soaking and misting before application.

It is suitable for most skin types especially normal or combination however very dry skins might find it a little to light for winter use.

Ideal For: Most skins incl younger skins, Improves hydration & clarity of the skin. Very effective make-up base.

Apply a small quantity to skin pre-dampened with a Janesce concentrate & or a Floral Mist (including neck and decolletage) and press into skin day & night.


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