Youth Serum – Unifying

The Unifying youth serum, with its matte effect texture, helps to reduce the appearance of colour imperfections and all types of pores, and to visibly smooth wrinkles on the skin surface.

Skin Type: All Skins, Normal to Combination skin, Fine lines / Wrinkles



Dermo-aesthetic technique – laser / led’s. Lasers in dermo-aesthetics, these light bundles create heat that modifies the structure of their target: collagen, fibroblasts, melanin, or haemoglobin. Expected clinical effects: the use of non-ablative lasers means that brown spots and other colour imperfections can be erased, and the skin is left smoother. Leds in contrast to lasers, led bundles do not produce heat. Their rays trigger specific chemical and cellular reactions, and particularly target impurities, pores and microcirculation. Expected clinical effects: leds aim to tighten pores and restore radiance.

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